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Our organisation seeks to bring together professionals and students based in the Netherlands and Flanders with an interest in archaeology, mathematics and computer science and encourage communication and discussion between those disciplines.

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CAA Germany – CAA Netherlands Flanders Third Joint Chapter Meeting 2014 - update

We would like to announce that the programme for the CAA Germany – CAA Netherlands Flanders Third Joint Chapter Meeting 2014 in now online!

CAA Germany – CAA Netherlands Flanders Third Joint Chapter Meeting 2014

University of Cologne, October 3rd – 4th, 2014

The CAA chapters of Germany and Netherlands/Flanders, in conjunction with the University of Cologne, are happy to announce their upcoming biannual CAA Joint Chapter Meeting, to be held on October 3rd – 4th, 2014 in Cologne, Germany.

This conference will be the third in a row after two successful conferences in Münster (2010) and Groningen (2012). Like in previous years, participation is not limited to members of both CAA chapters but open to all interested colleagues. Students are especially welcome to attend.

Please refer to the CAA Germany site,, for Call for Papers, Topics and other pratical information.

Conflict Landscapes 2014, Universiteit Gent

The study of the archaeology of the First and Second World Wars has rapidly expanded over the last decade, not the least because of the approaching centennial of the First World War in 2014-18. These conflict landscapes and their surviving archaeological remains are mainly studied from two different approaches: either using contemporary historical aerial photographs or with modern day prospection techniques (oblique aerial photographs, Lidar, geophysical prospection techniques, etc…).

CAA chapter meeting 2013 - page updated

The CAA chapter meeting 2013 page has been updated with the presentations. Thanks all for participating!

CAA chapter meeting 2013 - registration open

Dear all,

The registration for the CAA chapter meeting 2013 in Brussels, 4th and 5th of December, is now open.

Login on the website, choose CAA chapter meeting 2013 group' from the 'User menu' and click on 'request group membership' under 'Group:'. You are now registered as a participant of the 2013 meeting.


Jitte Waagen

Update CAA chapter meeting 2013

The preliminary programme and abstracts can be found on the meeting page, registration will open shortly.

Please see or go to Meetings - CAA chapter meeting 2013 using the menu.

CAA chapter meeting 2013

Conference Brussels 4-5th December 2013, in collaboration with the Flemish Heritage Agency (

The focus of this conference is on the following themes:

- Innovative approaches of digital media in surveys and excavations (remote sensing, digital on-site registration, etc.);
- Standards and best practices for managing digital archives from such practices (databases, spatial data, etc.);
- The use of digital media in the research of war heritage.

Digital Heritage International Congress 2013

Fall 2013 will witness the largest international scientific event on digital heritage in history, bringing together hundreds of researchers, educators, scientists, industry professionals and policy makers to debate, discuss and present digital technology applied to the protection, documentation, and understanding of humanity’s shared heritage.

AARG CONFERENCE 2013 in Amersfoort

AARG CONFERENCE 2013 in Amersfoort, The Netherlands

26-28 September 2013

The main theme of the conference will be to promote the use of remote sensing (aerial photography, airborne laser scanning, satellite) techniques in archaeological and landscape studies for research, heritage management and public dissemination.

The AARG conference is organized and hosted by DECARS and RCE.

CAA Netherlands - Germany Joint Chapter Meeting 2012 - page updated

The CAA Netherlands - Germany Joint Chapter Meeting 2012 - page has been updated with the abstracts and presentations. Check them out here.


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